Friday, October 6, 2017

Unexpected Turns

Happy fall.  These are my few projects I've done recently for fall.


I've done a bit of knitting here and there.

Honey and I went on a day trip to an Antique/Flea market place.  We only had 2 hours to browse and when they announced they were closing, there still was another floor to see.

I got a doily and a vintage Vernor's pop bottle.  Vernors was a ginger ale produced in Detroit.

 And a few pics of the kitties.  

And on a sad note, my father passed away on Monday after almost 10 years with Alzheimer's / Dimentia.  There were trying times in the early stages trying to help my parent's who didn't want help or refused to believe there was anything wrong. My mother had a stroke during the early stages of his Alzheimer's so she wasn't able to pick up on the signs. 
It's sad to see your parent deteriorate both physically and mentally. I know he wouldn't have 
wanted to live like that and was a good thing it happened fairly quickly at the end. 
I know he's at peace now.

RIP Daddy.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Where do the days go...

Happy Saturday!!! This is the only crochet I've been working on recently. Summer is such a distraction.  Trying to get out and enjoy the weather by bike or walking.  I have done a bit more walking as of late and with my kitties as I purchased something I can take them with me. 
Well, one at a time anyway.

I've seen these online and wanted one. I showed honey it and he said order one.  
So I looked on Amazon, read some reviews and found this one.  It's quite sturdy leather type outer the dome can be swapped with a mesh screen but the dome lets them stand and see more.
I've had numerous people stop me asking about it and looking at the cats including my eldest's trip to the vet in it, last picture.  He's hyperthyroid and trying to get him regulated.

Summer has also brought about festival season. We went to two different ones here two weekends in a row.  First we got to see Finger Eleven rock group again.

We have a great festival plaza at our waterfront.

Then the following weekend was our yearly Bluesfest.

Kenny Wayne Sheppard band.  Amazing, the highlight of the weekend for us.

Dana Fuchs, soulful voice close to Janis Joplin.

Legendary Foghat.

And fellow Canadians The Sheep Dogs.

And of course getting out on the bike as much as possible.  

On my weigh loss journey my goal was to get to 200lbs.  My peak was 250 a few years back. 
I have been 210 lately and slacking on the diet choices. So last weekend set my mind up and ready to go full ketogenic diet.  I have a friend who lost quite a bit on this diet and super proud of her.
So with being so close to my goal this is going to get me there.  I've done a lot of reading.  I have been following Thomas Delauer on You Tube and he's very informative. I got his program to get me started.  Adaptive Body Boost
My friend also suggest Reddit  Reddit/Keto
which has a ton of info and inspiration.
It's not bad at all, high fat, low carb.  It gets your body into a state to have your body burn off stored fat for fuel instead of carbohydrates.  This morning i was 203 from 210 at the beginning of the week.
Give it a try!!!

Happy weekend all!!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Vacation time

It's always nice to have a vacation week in summer time.  This week's weather hasn't been too hot and humid as is the usual weather in southwestern Ontario Canada.  Honey and I got some things done we've been putting off for a while around the house. I got some fenders for my bike we both put on in a joint effort with minimal arguing LOL.  The week started with fireworks, relaxing on the back deck, went to the beach and patio drinks.

We went for a trip to Niagara Falls. We have been before but this time splurged on a good hotel room with an amazing view. Middle left and top right pics are taken from our room. We went just before the big Canada Weekend as Canada turns 150 this year.  We had gone there once on a Canada Day weekend and it was not enjoyable at all.  Long waits everywhere, sitting in traffic is not my idea of a holiday weekend.  We lucked out that the weather was perfect the first day there. That was the first time we got to enjoy the falls at night.  

It's amazing to see this massive amount of water and how powerful it is.

The next day we checked out and went to Bird Kingdom in Niagara.  Entering the building  looked deceiving for the amount of birds and open exhibits that were there.  I love birds so this was a great place to visit and reasonably priced. 

Then we went to a few wineries as the Niagara region is famous for so many vineyards.
Konzelmann was a must stop for me as they are famous for making a peach wine we cannot get in our local liquor store. We took the tour there with the tastings. Then we stopped at Wayne Gretzky Estates, nice winery but a bit pricey.  And then a drive through the quaint town of Niagara-on-the-Lake.  We've been before and this time just drove through.  But it has great shops and sites to see all
in an old world fee. 

And as far as crochet goes, I've really only worked on this baby blanket a bit.  I'm starting on the border now.  

Happy weekend all !!!

Sunday, June 4, 2017


Got together last week with an old co-worker for a stitch and bitch.  It was nice catching up and getting the chance to just sit and crochet.  I made more progress on my star ripple blanket getting to add the skein of Caron Cake Buttercream I had to purchase off Ebay.

Just a small clip of my crocheting.

A local yarn and sew shop closed up yesterday in our city and they had 75% off.
I picked up both of these Cascade Sunseekers yarns for $5. They should make a nice light scarf as they have a bit of sparkle in it.

I've been riding my bicycle avidly these last few years and with going to the gym regularly for over a year now I have found that pedaling up hills and such are much easier than they used to be.  I've developed my leg strength from weight training and the knee pain I used to have has dissipated.

A month or so ago on Facebook I saw and advert for a bicycle challenge.  I thought why not join, get some more purpose to my cycling.  It's called  the Great Cycle Challenge - Canada/USA/Australia.
It raises money for the Sick Kids Foundation - Kids fighting cancer.  It's for the whole month of June.
My original money goal was a few hundred dollars, then I bumped it up to $500. And my kilometer goal at first was 50, but then I realized when I go for my usual hour long bike rides i'm clocking 10+ kilometers so I raised my goal to 75.  On my first day ride of the month I went for just over an hour and rode 18 km and 10 the next day.  So, again I bumped up my goal of 100 kilometers.  I've now raised $565 for this foundation.  

Summer has kicked off with festival season.  This weekend was Ribfest and Art in the Park.

And ended a Saturday evening by a fire.

Happy Weekend all!!  Keep Calm and Move On !!!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Life's Chaos

How is it that you push to the side one of your favourite things to do?  Your hobby crocheting. I have managed adding a few rounds.  I even managed finding the skein of Caron Cakes Buttercream I had been looking for.  I continues on with the Bernat Pop which added a darker punch but going back to the Buttercream should finish it off nicely.  When and if I ever get it finished.  It's a long weekend here in Canada, Victoria Day weekend, so I'm hoping to get some more crafty time in.  

Honey and I got the garden up and going last weekend.  We got cherry tomatoes, beefsteak tomatoes, chives, rosemary, basil and bell peppers started.  I still want to get some cucumbers.

My favourite season is spring.  Witnessing the new signs of animal life.  I love to scope out the new families of baby geese and ducks while out on my bike rides.  This week we've had some 80+ degree weather.  I usually work a steady afternoon shift but due to a sick leave by a co-worker on days I was asked to cover and got to pick a shift of 10am-6pm of which is perfect for me.  I'm not a super early morning person.  It's let me enjoy some nice evenings at the perfect time of year. 

I've finally been able to take advantage of taking some great pictures with the new phone camera.

Baby ducks.

I'm still occupied by my fitness weight loss goals. I've dropped 25 lbs from the beginning of the year. Mostly by cutting out the bad white starchy carbs and sugars.  It's hard but it's has to be a mental thing and will power.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!